Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Elderly Challenge - Observation 2

For this past week, I have been observing the elderly in the Senior Citizens' Corner near my house, in Telok Blangah Heights. They did not give me the permission to take photos of them, so I cannot produce any pictures of what the elderly do and the difficulties, challenges or problems they face daily in the Senior Citizens' Corner. In the Senior Citizens' Corner, there is a fridge, a vending machine, a television, a few tables and chairs/benches. These are some examples of challenges, difficulties or problems they face.

As the Senior Citizens' Corner is near the playground and the outdoor badminton court, many children and/or teenagers walk, roller blade, cycle, run, skate, etc. through the Senior Citizen's Corner. Some of them even play soccer, catching, etc. in the Senior Citizens' Corner. These actions may cause the elderly to fall easily. And there is no one around to help them, so if they fall, it may cause major injuries.

Another challenge that the elderly face is that the television is too high up (the television is very close to the ceiling). And because the area is quite small, the elderly would have to look up in order for them to watch TV. This may cause their necks to ache.

Also, the Senior Citizens' Corner is quite small and there is quite a number of furnitures. So, the elderly do not have much space to walk around. And if they happen to fall, they made hit/knock against something.

One good thing about the Senior Citizens' Corner is that the floor tiles are not really smooth. So, if there is no one around, there is a low possibility of the elderly falling down. However, if they did fall, and land on the rough surface, they may get injured quite badly.

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