Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Understanding "The Elderly Challenge"

(1) Explain in your own words, the FOUR key recommendations of the report.
> Creating houses or rooms for the elderly to live or stay in. These houses/rooms would be designed specially for them to fulfill their needs.
> Modifying things (eg: lifts, walkways etc.) to make it easier the the elderly/senior citizens to use.
> Caring for the elderly. For example, the elderly who are in meed of medical attention could be brought to the eldercare services.
> Creating opportunities for the elderly. The elderly should lead balanced lifestyles and also should get involved with community activities.

(2) State ONE way that the CAI report is recommending to make our public housing more elderly-friendly.
By improving the state of public walkways. For example, making the the sloped walkways less steep, making the walkways wider and locating the drains further away from the walkways.

(3) State TWO ways on how we can ensure that the quality of elderly care here in Singapore is affordable.
> The government could pay for the needs of the poorer elderly in Singapore. For example, paying for their necessities.
> The government could set up a free eldercare centre for the poorer elderly who need medical attention or just people (volunteers) to take care of them.

(4) After reading the CAI report, what do you are the THREE things that you can do, as an SST student, to help overcome these elderly challenges.
> I can teach them basis ICT skills for them to communicate online with their friends and relatives.
> I can organise community activities with the help from my teachers, parents and friends for the elderly.
> I can visit Seinor Citizens' centres and help to clean up the place or decorate it with my friends.

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