Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Elderly Challenge - Observation 3

This week, I have been observing the elderly while they are crossing the road nearby a wet market and hawker centre. Unfortunately, no pictures are allowed to be taken. Hence, I cannot produce any pictures of the elderly crossing the road. This is a brief description of that road. The road is quite wide, so the elderly would have to walk about 10-15 metres in order to cross the road. The road is also very uneven which makes it more difficult for the elderly to cross. There is also no zebra crossing, traffic light or over-head bridges. Even most of the drivers tend to be impatient. The following are a few difficulties, problems or problems the elderly face when crossing that particular road.

As the road is quite wide, most drivers are impatient and there is no zebra crossing, traffic light or over-head bridges, it is very difficult for the elderly to cross the road. It may even be difficult for people that are of a younger age to cross the road. The drivers should be more patient when people are crossing the road, especially when the elderly are crossing, if not, unwanted accidents may happen.

Another difficulty, problem or challenge that the elderly face when they are crossing that road is that the road is uneven. This may cause the elderly to trip and fall quite easily. I think that the road should be made even before major accidents/incidents happen.

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