Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Elderly Challenge - Observation 1

For the past week, I have been observing my grandfather whenever I visited him at his house. My grandfather does not allow me to take any pictures of him, so I cannot show any photos of his daily routines and the problems or difficulties he faces everyday. He lives in a terrace house with my aunt, two of my uncles, my 1 year old cousin and their domestic helper. They have three miniature schnauzers as pets. The following are some of the challenges he faces at home.

As he lives in a terrace house, he has difficulties in climbing up and down the stairs. He would usually refuse to allow his domestic helper to hold on to him. So he would hold on the railings at the side of the stairs with his domestic helper standing at the side watching him carefully, making sure he does not fall.

Another challenge that my grandfather faces is that he has difficulties walking around the house because the three miniature schnauzers would be running around the place and the floor tiles are quite slippery.

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  1. I agree that most Elderly have difficulties climbing up and down the stairs, and same goes for my grandmother. She has difficulties even walking. We consider it as short distances but to them it is long.

    If the floor is slippery, his domestic helpers should take note of that and wipe the dry more often.